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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

VFS Final Project

Please go to this: Link to view my final project at VFS (sound design for visual media)

pic of my final.
I found this piece on vimeo, the person who made this animation is, 
Candas Sisman, his website is here:​
While I was working on this projects sound design I felt that music was the least important part of the project and all of the other sound (BGs,Foley,sfx,spfx,etc) were way more important, infact I left the music for last.
The most challenging thing about making the sound design for this piece was the huge rain drops, finding the right sound for those were taking the longest for me, and I still think they could be way better. It is a very subjective, abstract and weird piece, and thats what I was going for so it works out if it doesnt make sense to anyone. You get out of it whatever sticks out the most, and the part that sticks out the most a lot of people say is the part where the character slips, falls, gets back up and loses his mind. (ice cream headache as one of my instructors (Steve) refers that specific part to)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Miami Vice

Ive never even seen one episode of this show (I looked everywhere on the net to watch it and no luck) I watched the movie called Miami Vice, although im sure the show is much better. The thing that caught my eye was definitely the fashion in the show and the brilliant scenes, just dope. I mean if i was able to dress like these dudes (Ricardo Tubbs on the left and Sonny Crocket on the right) I would everyday ! (especially in a all seasons sunny location)

Just check out this: Video
A scene of them driving in the night with the song by Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight, you gotta love it !
really awesome camera angles and use of the music in this video scene, even though i never watched an episode I really admire this show.

Back to the 80s


 It was a couple of months ago I started listening to more 80s pop synth style music when I realized, lets make more synthesized based electronic music rather than sample based. I began to listen to many influences such as Alphaville, Phill Collins, Pat Benatar... etc. Then I got into just watching movies made specifically in the 80s , for an entire week all I did was watch 80s movies (and still am to this day ironically) I started going through my Vst plugins and drum packs to find sounds influenced by the 80s. In the end whenever I made a track, it ended up sounding like a mix of the 80s meets the future sound style. While I was working on one track, I was thinking about what the next track will sound like and what I can do to make it different from the one I was working on. I made the album available on for free or name your price, if you want to download the track for free, just click Buy Now and enter 0 and its yours for free (I know I am really generous) also the benefit of getting it is better quality audio rather than listening to it on bandcamp and extra special hidden bonus material :) so if your willing to pay or not I really recommend downloading it.
I hope you enjoy this album, and don't forget to share the music !

Get the album here: Back To 80s